The Water_Works Competition is organized by the non profit Gowanus by Design and is meant to draw awareness to a specific design challenge at the canal.

Gowanus by Design proposes a new strategy going forward for the development of the Gowanus area, showcasing different options for the canal and including the many voices of canal stakeholders. Gowanus by Design will promote projects that speculate upon the potential for what the canal can be and will track the coordination of clean-up and development efforts between the many city agencies whose decisions impact those of us who live and work near the canal.

About the concept

The idea for Gowanus by Design has its roots in the Van Alen Institute's 2001 exhibition, Public by Design. Curator Raymond Gastil, then Director of the Institute and author of "Beyond the Edge: New York's New Waterfront," saw the post-industrial waterfront not only as a transition from private to public ownership, but as one from the industries of shipping and manufacturing to those of recreation and tourism. In this regard Gastil saw the reclamation and remediation of waterfront space as a necessary partnership between government, private enterprise and the adjacent communities.

About the team

Gowanus by Design was started as a collaboration of architects David Briggs and Anthony Deen. David and Anthony are Carroll Gardens residents whose architectural interests include community development and urban design and planning. In addition to professional practice and Gowanus by Design, David is LEED accredited, and is the Principal of Loci Archiecture. Anthony is a outdoor enthusiast and teaches design at the Parsons School of Design.

Since founding Gowanus by Design we have been joined by a team of interested design professionals and neighbors: Eymund Diegel, Mike King, Ashley de Vries, Eric Safyan, Paul Coughlin and Brian Thomas.